Ada & Ina 2017 Stoffbuch
  • Ada & Ina 2017 Stoffbuch
  • Ada & Ina 2017 Fabric book - Bianco swatches
  • Ada & Ina 2017 Stoffbuch
  • Ada & Ina 2017 Stoffbuch
  • Azig colour page
  • Berry colour page
  • Brita colour page
  • Chervil colour page
  • Cicely colour page
  • Dana colour page
  • Elva colour page
  • Feathers colour page
  • Gardenia colour page
  • Hilda colour page
  • Hulda colour page
  • Ilva colour page
  • Laila colour page
  • Lola colour page
  • Oona colour page
  • Pearls colour page
  • Pia colour page
  • Ronja colour page
  • Siruna colour page
  • Telma colour page
  • Thea colour page
  • Unna colour page
  • Vera colour page


Our new Fabric book now available!

We have launched our new fabric book in September 2017.

You can now order our new fabric book. Lead time currently approximately 1 week.

Have a peek at the list of the fabrics which are included in the new book HERE.

All our favourite prints are available in up to 27 beautiful colours.

Ordering just some pages of the book

You can also order just some pages with our without the binder that comes with our full fabric book. Just select

  • Only the binder, if you would like to have one + the pages you like, or
  • No binder if you have one already + select the pages you like.

Select Fabric Book
Azig (Natural fabric)
Berry (Natural fabric)
Brita (Natural fabric)
Chervil (Natural fabric)
Cicely (White fabric)
Dana (Natural fabric)
Elva (Natural fabric)
Feathers (Natural fabric)
Gardenia (Natural fabric)
Hilda (White fabric)
Hulda (Natural fabric)
Ilva (White fabric)
Laila (Natural fabric)
Lola (White fabric)
Oona (White fabric)
Pearls (Natural fabric)
Pia (Natural fabric)
Ronja (Natural fabric)
Siruna (Natural fabric)
Telma (Natural fabric)
Thea (Natural fabric)
Unna (Natural fabric)
Vera (Natural fabric)
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