Fire retardant service for fabrics

Make your curtains safe by applying our flame retardant service for fabrics

Ada & Ina is able to offer fire retardant service for all our fabrics. We have a service available for both domestic and commercial clients. These are instructions how to order fire retardant fabrics.
We have made fire resistant curtains for schools, hotels, restaurants and other commercial clients. You can also order fire retardant bespoke curtains or blinds from us online, just choose flame retardant treatment in our easy configurator.

How to order fire retardant fabrics:

  1. Order Samples
  2. Choose your fabric.
  3. Choose treatment method on our website and check prices here.
  4. Email your order with contact details to [email protected]


We offer the following treatments for our fabrics at extra charge:

1. Fire Retardant Treatment for Domestic Upholstery
2. Texfin Oil and Water Repellent + Flame Retarding for Domestic Upholstery.
3. Fire Retardant Treatment for Contract Upholstery.
4. Texfin Oil and Water Repellent + Flame Retarding for Contract Upholstery
5. Fire Retardant Treatment for Contract Curtains

Prices for treatments listed here

Please note: Treated fabric should be maintained by dry cleaning. The treatments are guaranteed for four years or 5 dry cleans, whichever is the sooner. Alternatively laundering and re-treating is recommended. If wetted in any way it is essential to re-treat the fabric to meet flammability requirements.

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